What do you want to be when you grow up?

Everybody asks children this question.  Some ask themselves as adults.  Usually, everybody answers with a noun – a profession like doctor, lawyer, scientist, firefighter, business executive.

Then you grow up.  And you became the doctor, lawyer, scientist, firefighter, business executive.  And you realize what you really wanted to be when you grew up is an adjective.  You want to be free.

Free to design your own life.  Take a different path.  Live in another country.  Explore the world.  Pursue your real passions.  Take a year off.  Change course midstream.  Never answer to a boss.  Be creative.  Live your life your way.

Who hasn’t uttered the words, “Someday, I…(insert your dream here)”?

But how do you get there?  You have so many questions.  You have to start somewhere, so start with others.  Ask.  Ask people who’ve done it.  Ask people who are doing it.  Ask people for answers, for support, for encouragement and ideas.  We need others to be successful.  We need to connect.