This is the story of a 4 year journey through the South Pacific.  Toucan, a 28 foot six ton Cutter, built, rebuilt and refitted by her captain, Stuart James, will set sail, following a 3 year refitting project, from Titusville, FL in November 2015.

Their adventure begins with a “shake-down” tour through the Caribbean, visiting familiar haunts and some new ones.  To avoid undesirable weather conditions in the Pacific, passage through the Panama Canal must be completed well before Spring.

Next stop, the Marquesas Islands, 4300 miles and about 50 days away – the “Coconut Milk Run”.

Toucan’s ‘flight’ through the South Pacific will explore such locations as Tahiti, Fiji, Tuamotus, Samoa, Tonga, Tubuai, Bora Bora, Rapa Iti, Cook Islands, Funafuti and Espiritu Santo.  But a good bit of time will be spent seeking out little known, obscure islands of the region.

Captain James’ journey will eventually conclude with a route set for the Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound.

Encounters with locals along the way and uniquely colorful characters of the open sea will be documented in the online series – “The Flight of Toucan”.

Click Here to follow Stuart’s “Somedayi” story.


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