heart-on-the-written-pageThe Shutdown? What on earth is The Shutdown?

Well, let me try to explain.

I finished up my courses in the Stanford OWC program last January when my one on one tutorial ended. The one on one tutorial being  “the course of all courses” in which you work with a mentor/editor/author specifically on your manuscript to get it into (hopefully) a final draft, worthy of a look by a publisher (if you’re lucky and your query letter sounds like it was written by Yeats or Hemingway or some other  brilliant author).

Anyway, the end of that course should have been cause for celebration…and it was, in some ways, because I had completed the program in 2 years and 3 months and survived the scrutiny of and grading by an incredible roster of outstanding instructors (not grad students or teacher’s assistants) who were published authors, graduates of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, Stegner Fellows, regular contributors to magazines and newspapers like The NY Times…     (continue story Here)


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