Volunteer activities provide a grassroots way to become engaged with your community.  Volunteering has many benefits for everyone and it helps protect your mental and physical health.

Last year, over 64 million Americans volunteered for everything from fundraising to teaching, from food service to transportation and from building homes to forest conservation.

For many, volunteerism starts in middle school and continues through retirement.  Volunteerism embraces altruistic, “Somedayi” goals in the search for satisfying, life-changing experiences.

Goals might take you to international locations with Voluntourism and help build schools in Uganda or houses in Bolivia.

vintage peace corp-BCG injectionYou may be interested in becoming a Peace Corps volunteer and teach English in Ethiopia or help provide medicine in Cambodia.

Or, your goals may take you close to home and down the street to drive a senior citizen to the store, help clean up a park, or make someone in a hospital bed smile.

Somedayi is launching a new channel dedicated to Volunteerism.  Stay tuned as we share stories of volunteer experiences and their future plans.  We will also collect and share resources and information for anyone wishing to pursue the experiences of volunteering, as well as Voluntourism.

We share two stories in our first installment.

DU Womens College

Brigitt Hauck, from REAL SIMPLE, writes about a new study that suggests volunteering might actually reduce stress in her article – 5 Surprising And Scientifically-Backed Benefits of Volunteering

Denver Post reporter, Claire Martin, brings the story of Carol Harr, who decided to become a full-time volunteer – Retiree Embraces Volunteering as a Full-time Occupation



U.S. Navy/Habitat for Humanity – Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Johansen Laurel

Peace Corps Medical Volunteer – Neil Landreville

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