Somedayi is a media series designed for people who want to be free.  It’s an online forum and two-way source of information for anyone aspiring to reach a lifelong goal, realize a dream, change course in life or create a path to their definition of freedom.

Our mission is to provide an interactive source of inspiration, motivation, resources, research and information for people who are in the process of a life change, planning to make a life change, or are dreaming of living a life change.

We believe the most powerful force in the world is the global community.  When you bring people together united by a common idea, amazing things happen.

We believe success doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  We all need support, encouragement, help, ideas, information and inspiration from others.  To achieve anything, we need to be connected to others.

We believe countless people want what we want: to enjoy the world, not just exist in it.  To define their lives on their terms and to live the life that will give them the most joy and contentment and least amount of stress.

We believe people are inherently good.  People want to be part of something inspiring.  They want to help others, share their experience and knowledge, guide, motivate and cheer for others as they want others to do for them.  People want to be a part of other people’s success.